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Transmission II, Santa Monica Artist Studios.

I'll be exhibiting a number of old and new works as part of Transmission II which will take place in Santa Monica Artist Studios from the 27th of October until the 17th of November 2018.

MART Gallery & Studios Dublin curators Matthew Nevin & Deirdre Morrissey are delighted to present Transmission an exhibition featuring Irish Artists Sofie Loscher, Helen Mac Mahon & Robin Price in the Hangar Galleries, Santa Monica Art Studios Los Angeles as part of Ireland Week 2018. Within their work, the artists examine and reinvent light as a material, producing experimental methodologies to act as a mirror and analysis of the structure of our world.

Featuring Live Performances and readings from local artists & performers on the opening night; including Zeina Baltagii, Jenny Minniti- Shippey, Thinh Nguyen, Marc-Ivan O'Gorman, Rachel Rath, and Patrice Roth.Transmission explores light as catalyst to investigate the risks in our everyday life. By creating dialogues which challenge conventional views, the exhibition aims to push preconceived expectations of how visibility works and is understood. The exhibition surveys the processes of how light moves through space, exploring both its and our expectations of its functions.

Exhibition Runs to: 17 November 2018 – Open: Wed – Sat, 1-6pmHangar Galleries, Santa Monica Art Studios, 3026 Airport Ave, Santa Monica, CaliforniaCurated by Matthew Nevin & Deirdre Morrissey.

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