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Between Dog and Wolf

Galway Arts Centre presents Between Dog and Wolf.

Emma Finn | Hannah Fitz | Helen Mac Mahon | Nicos Nicolaou | Karen Roulstone | Anna Spearman | Rory Tangney

27 January – 4 March 2017. Opening: 6pm Friday 27 January, Galway Arts Centre, 47 Dominick Street Lwr.

Galway Arts Centre is delighted to present its new group exhibition Between Dog and Wolf, which brings together artists Emma Finn, Hannah Fitz, Helen Mac Mahon, Nicos Nicolaou, Karen Roulstone, Anna Spearman, and Rory Tangney. For this exhibition, seven artists were asked to respond to its title with existing work or with works in progress. The title of the exhibition Between Dog and Wolf refers to the French phrase “L’heure entre chien et loup” and is seen to describe several different things. It can refer to the twilight or gloaming hour when transformation can happen; people can take risks, adopt different characteristics or turn from one form into another. When something is vague, unclear or unknown as to be mistaken for something else; i.e. a dog can be mistaken for a wolf, or vice versa. As well as that, when it can be hard to tell the difference between things, i.e. dogs and wolves, friends and foes. It’s not because one has turned into the other, but that the differences have been hidden so only similarities remain, giving a distorted perception. Curator Maeve Mulrennan was also interested in how the phrase relates time and light to the animal kingdom and the body. Through the information gained from the exhibition title, the exhibition came to.

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