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Scintilla is an immersive light installation. The work consists of a cluster of faceted lead crystals mounted on a slowly rotating motor Four pinspot lights are trained directly on the crystals. The focused beams of light pass through the cluster of glass and are refracted by the many facets of the cut glass. The refracted light is then projected on the walls, floor and ceiling of the exhibition space.


The title ‘Scintilla’ was inspired by the divine spark in Alchemical philosophy. The spark embodies the incendiary potential of ideas and when gathered together the infinitesimal sparks or scintilla that exist form alchemical gold.

Scintilla was exhibited in The Model, Sligo as part of Into the Field, a group show including Olafur Eliasson, Odey Curbelo, Olafur Eliasson, Spencer Finch, Helen Mac Mahon, Tumi Magnusson, William McKeown, Paula Stokes, Norbert Vollath,  Jack B Yeats.


Installation view of Scintilla in The Model, Sligo as part of Into the Field (2014)



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