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Sculptural installation.

Shattered laminated windscreens, wire, scaffolding.

Dimensions H400cm, W300cm, D400cm.


Mnemosyne is a sculptural installation constructed from shattered laminated bus windscreens laid on scaffolding steps. Named after Mnesomyne, the greek goddess of memory and the mother of the 9 muses, the work is an exploration of how memory it can be retained within the structure of materials and how these memories might be transmuted or transformed. The windscreens used in the sculpture had been violently damaged, either an accidental force such as a pebble or through an intentionally aggressive act where they were deliberately smashed. The glass also held evidence of my further manipulations as I further broke the screens and tore them into pieces suitable for constructing the work.


Light played a huge part in the installation; spotlights shining off the broken facets of the windscreens transforming the utilitarian material into something akin to a frozen waterfall.

Installation view - Glitch 2016, Rua Red, Dublin.

(Image Hyegeun Woo - Lumens Photography)

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