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Interactive viewing device.

Fresnel lenses, split rings, hooks.

Dimensions variable.

Interface was exhibited as part of Some Concrete Possibilities in the Library Project, Dublin. Curated by Siobhan Mooney the show included work by Garreth Joyce, Cara Farnan, Lee Welch and Helen Mac Mahon.

Interface consisted of strips made of fresnel lenses that were suspended in the large window of The Library Project which is located in Temple Bar a busy area in Dublin. 

The shop window faces out onto a busy pedestrian street and Interface was designed to create a connection between the internal gallery space and the busy thoroughfare outside and vice versa.


Interface viewed from the exterior of the Library Project building.

(Image courtesy of Jamin Keogh)

Short clip of the area of Temple Bar outside of the Library project as viewed through Interface from the Library Project interior.

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