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Eidolon is defined as an apparition, a double or an insubstantial image.


Eidolon was an experimental piece, prompted by a fascination with the impact of light, colour and space on the senses. Using light as a means to 'dematerialise' a large scale painting, an immersive colour field was created for the viewer. The reflected projection was layered, stretched and distorted by light, filling the space and moving the focus entirely to the enveloped viewer's experience.


It attempted to explored the complex psychological relationship between artworks and the viewer, in particular how once the perceived artwork passes the threshold of the senses it is created anew as each mind recalls and creates its own eidolons or idealised versions, resulting in unlimited, unique variations.

The work was first exhibited in Platform Arts, Belfast in 2016.


Installation view of Eidolon in Platform Arts gallery space, Belfast 2016.

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