ILLUSION on Tour - Leipzig

ILLUSION on Tour, the exhibition from the Trinity College's Science Gallery in has moved onto its next venue. It will be opening in the Kunstkraftwerk, Leipzig in Germany on the 18th of June.

Glitch 2016 Rua Red

The curators have chosen predominately women participants, performers and visual artists to make work exploring the notion of danger and risk within art making and society. The participants will produce live experiential artworks and performances that evolve over the week of the festival. The curators will create a stage for the artists to react to: a gallery ‘under construction’. Machinery and objects associated with building industry shall occupy the space ready for alteration, interaction and modifying their mechanics, aesthetics and behaviours. The artworks will react and interplay with this spectacle to create interactive ‘dangerous & reactionary’ artworks, utilising engineering and ard

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